Disposable Sharps Containers

Biohazardous & Cytotoxic Sharps

The SteriHealth disposable sharp container product line is extensive; catering for all key users of such containers including personal use, doctor and dental surgeries.

Container Supply & Removal - A complete service

SteriHealth offers not only the supply of sharps containers, but a comprehensive pick up and secure destruction service.  SteriHealth is fully registered to handle sharp container collection with our extensive fleet of trucks across Australia.

Containers Manufactured to AS4031-1992

All BIO-CAN disposable containers are manufactured locally in Australia to comply with Australian Standards AS4031-1992.  All containers are rigourously tested for non-penetrability.

The BIO-CAN is a single piece unit (hence conforms to the AS4031) - it is NOT a nested container nor does it require any assembly by your staff.  This ensures you have great piece of mind when it comes to safety, with no chance of containers falling apart when full or leaking fluids if accidently knocked over. 

Have you checked if your containers comply to the Australian standard ?  

Funnel top or Screw top - the choice is yours

We offer the option of a screw cap or funnel top on almost every size of BIO-CAN.  That way you can choose the container to suit your preference or application.


Cytotoxic Sharps Containers

Handling of sensitive & dangerous Cytotoxic waste requires high quality, yet incinerable, single use containers.  SteriHealth offers a range of containers to match the demand of every institution.


Screw top Lids - we've listened to your feedback

Based on customer feedback, SteriHealth have opted to phase out the funnel top option across the Cytotoxic range.  Users of the containers have stressed the importance of having a large, open mouth into the container, together with a no-fuss, easy to use screw cap.  This ensures this important waste is managed & secured simply and securely.

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A range of Accessories

An extensive range of accessories is available for every shape and sized BIO-CAN.  Cleverly, we have designed our containers to suit nearly every exisiting frame available - so if you already have one - changing to the BIO-CAN makes sense from a practical, safety and fiscal point of view.